Mark Mulville back on Deluxe BMX !!

We've just read such a good news, as Mark Mulville has left Subrosa to go back on Deluxe BMX! This news gives some good memories from him riding for Deluxe BMX, especially when I met him while being on one of the first Deluxe trail trip in UK in 2009; so here is what Mark has to say: 
"After 4 years of riding for Subrosa, I’ve decided to part ways.The move is on all good terms and I appreciate to the fullest all that Subrosa has done for me. It’s been an awesome ride and I want to say thank you so much to everyone involved for making me part of the family! I will, most definitely, miss the trips with the awesome group of dudes that make up the team. Always a good time with that crew! In moving forward, I will be joining the Deluxe Bmx pro team. I am super excited to join the already awesome crew and most excited to be riding for my childhood Bmx idol and friend, Kris Bennett (who is now co-owner of Deluxe)."

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