X-fighter at the Batersea power station !!

I went to the Red bull X fighter at London this weekend, which took place at the old Batersea power station at the southweast of the town centre. The place is simply awesome, and it was built about 1929 by the same designer who invited the famous red english telephone box... The show was huge with such a massive sponsor as Red bull it is almost normal. During about 2 hour and half, twelve of the best riders accross the world rode as well as possible to take part of the final round and may be become the 2009 X-fighter king. Finally, Nate Adams won this UK stop against the rookie Levi Sherwood who are 17, unbelievable !! This rider is the only one who rides with a four strokes motorbike and does the same trick as the others but definitely more stretch... Awesome rider. Natr Adams rode properly like everytime and did two twist cliker within his final run to take the first place and the X-fighter overall as well !! Unfortunately, the last year winner - Matt Rebeaud, crashed himself at the beginning of the contest and coudln't carry on... Otherwise, all the other riders rode very well, like Eigo Sato who did a huge double nac flip, Danny Torres - whip double can? Currently, lots of riders are able able to do underflip, and in my opinion it is one of the nice trick actually. In the same way of each rider right now manage to do the cliffanger - no hand landing combo !!
My photos weren't too bad but I was a bit far from the track... I hope it's okay.

I had a really nice moment, even if I missed the Pussy invitational in Brtitany which took place at the same weekend. But I definitely enjoyed myself to be there for my last weekend overseas...

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