Winchester, the waterring can and a real deer !!

Once again I write this report in the language which is spoken overseas in addition to carry on my achievment and finally improved my english...
So, last weekend I drove away to the South coast to spend few days at my cousin's house, to relax and chill out for a while. Unfortunately I can have driven 15min before "to come across" the famous traffic jam on the M25...
I decided to avoid it by another road near London centre and to finally arrive with only one hour later than the usual time, perfect to take my lunch at the Bar end's kitchen !! After a quick lunch, I was so lucky to have a look at a real deer, which went across the trail, unbelievable !! I have never seen this before, it stoped in front of me; just to have the time to take a photo. After seeing a squirrel, which I should take a photo of it for Toine, it was now a deer; England is it the friendliest country for animals ?
I had an appointment with Davris at the beginning of the afternoon, he was a bit late but we managed to spend a long time together to finish a land on the main line, thanks to the famous watering can (or "arrosoir" for the franch guy...) to enable us to pack properly the dirt. Besides it was very funny this moment while I teached Davros the french word to say watering can... But he wasn't a good sutdent and he never managed to prounonce properly this word...Anyway, I am not better when I prononce some english words...
On saturday, the weather was too bad to ride and too much wet to dig as well, but we met each other on Sunday for a nice riding on the main line. I enjoyed myself to be able to ride this at last, with its first jump whic
h is a bit strange but so fun after understanding. Thank to Davros and Gavin for our welcoming at Bar end!!

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PEF a dit…

Yes ! Enfin une photo de toi au dessus du sôl anglais !

Et pour les Biches et les écureuils pas besoins d'aller chez les grands bretons, faut juste sortir de la ville et te baladé paisiblement dans les bois avec ton 26" ^^, des écureuils, des renards et des lapins y en à plein dans le bois derrière chez moi !
Mais c'est vrai que des Biches c'est rare ! J'en ai vue une fois du côté de Plonéis !

En ce moment mes "enfants" cohabite avec une belle ribambelle de lapin qui se retrouve tous les matins dans la prairie, juste en face de la fenêtre de ma chambre, c'est magique d'ouvrir ses volets tout les matins et de voir ces petite bètes sautiller à travers la prairie !

Profite bien de ton dernier mois et des merveilles anglaise !
Kenavo !