Chertsey in England of course but in english...

First time I try to write a report in english, because some of my rfiends here told me "we couldn't unsderstand your webzine, all it is in French"... They could make an effort and learn another language than just english one, whereas the french guys try to learn english !!

Another report for another trip within the english trail scene, but as nice as the previous one about Melbourn without one's building... Then, I took the famous M25, usually to spend usually one hour to get at Chertsey, finally I spent two hours in the tough traffic jam, unlucky dude (didn't it Ian?) !! When I arrived at last, Ian and Jason were working to improve the main lines before the riding, with a bunch of young riders who hang out in the wood. I ate quickly to be able to help them, as we say "more we are to maintain, faster we ride" (it is a sort of french expression translated in english...) !! James arrived in the mid afternoon and we finally went on to make a big job to finish the last jump on one of those main line. It was very interesting to dig this take off with James and Ian, they figure out the shape perfectly to know what kind of feeling we will fell later on our bikes... So interesting !! We managed to make a perfect one, which they tried and enjoyed it a lot (have a look at the photos below). For my part, I discovered anothers lines of Chertsey and I rode again the famous hip to end of the line, this hip feels like the best one !! Like the last time, I really had a good time over there, the locals are so great and the wood is quiet and with a pefect weather, a mix between sun-wind and cloud. Enjoy my report English mates and cheers for all for the locals of Chertsey, Winchester, Bob's, Crow... I hope that there aren't lot of mistakes.

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